SkyVent Hybrid +

SkyVent Hybrid +

The SkyVent Hybrid + combines natural and mechanical ventilation with daylighting for the ultimate bathroom solution.

The package includes a SkyVent, a VentaLite kit (1.8 m flexi-light tube and adjustable ceiling diffuser with prismatic lens) and a Heller (HEFM200SSQ) extraction fan with 3m of 100mm diameter ducting.


Ventilate at the source of moisture 24/7 Naturally! (with an additional powered boost when needed)

The SkyVent Hybrid + is the complete solution for the daylighting and ventilation of bathrooms.

The SkyVent Hybrid + package includes a SkyVent, VentaLite Kit and extraction fan.

The SkyVent and VentaLite work together to bring daylight into the bathroom and provide 24hr natural ventilation.

The addition of the extraction fan installed directly above the shower guarantees extraction of steam when you turn it on.  The outlet from the extraction fan ducting is cut into the VentaLite tube near the SkyVent unit to provide a direct exhaust path for the steam from showering to the outside of the building (not into the roof attic cavity where it either condenses or is recirculated internally).


The SkyVent Hybrid + includes a stainless steel faced 420 m3/hr ducted exhaust fan (IPX2 rated) to connect into the VentaLite tube as an additional extraction boost for bathrooms.

The SkyVent Hybrid + extraction boost will only operate when you choose and uses only 35W- super economical!

The SkyVent Hybrid + with ducted exhaust is the simplest and most cost effective way of meeting the BCA requirements and NZ EECA recommendations.

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