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It works because of its advanced aerodynamic design-

It is the only product of its type on the market (Natural Daylight/Ventilator) that can achieve 60 L/sec exhaust at Sydney’s average wind speed to meet the BCA – AS 1668.2 wet area performance requirement of 25 L/sec extraction. The unit also has superior stack effect and buoyancy extraction due to its CFD analysed unobstructed flow path.

Aerodynamics lab
CFD Analysis and aerodynamics laboratory testing at the University of Technology, Sydney

How it Works-


The SkyVent attic vent allows daylight and ventilation into the attic space helping to reduce condensation and keeping insulation dry and effective. This is achieved by utilising natural wind energy to extract moisture by creating negative pressure from the aerodynamic foil and causing extraction at the rear of the unit. This is a more efficient form of wind extraction than cowling vents. The unit also has improved stack and buoyancy characteristics due to its innovative design. It can operate even when there is no wind, as a solar chimney, unlike a cowl type vent that suffers from throat blockage and restrictions.

The SkyVent works 40% – 100% more efficiently than its competitors as tested by University of Technology, Sydney. Click to review University testing results that show that the SkyVent even outperforms a larger 380 mm throat Whirly style vent fitted with a fan!

SkyVent + VentaLite

The SkyVent + VentaLite is a revolutionary dual function tubular skylight and ventilator. It brings the functions of a tubular skylight and a ventilator into one low cost product. The skylight is ventilated by the advanced designed Wind Directional transparent dome that points into the wind and extracts air out of room inside the house. Ideal for bathrooms to remove hot, moist air at the source. The SkyVent is a low cost method of reducing artificial lighting and associated heat. Ventilation is provided via its flexible tube connected to the aerofoil dome to remove moisture directly to the outside of the building envelope. By removing hot, moist air at its source, condensation inside the house is dramatically reduced. The indoor air quality of the house will be greatly improved by reduced mould, mildew, fungal spores and associated dust mites. May also reduce many asthma related issues associated with condensation.

The SkyVent works on stack effect as well as wind suction, allowing temperature and pressure to work for you, as hot, less dense air rises it is replaced by cooler, denser air. The advanced design works as a solar chimney so as soon as the sun warms the head of the unit and the attic space, the temperature flow starts to drive the warm air out. The smart design also allows continuous air flow, trickle ventilation or no ventilation by simply opening or closing the diffuser – Truly an advanced system with the home owner’s comfort in mind! No wonder the SkyVent has received so much recognition. About us

SkyVent Hybrid +

The ultimate solution for bathroom ventilation and daylighting.  The SkyVent Hybrid + has all the benefits of the SkyVent + VentaLite with the added ventilation boost  of a ducted extraction fan to remove steam during showering or when additional ventilation is required.  The extraction fan only draws 35W when running and is a cost efficient solution to solve moisture build up in any bathroom.  Any moist air extracted via the fan goes straight out the VentaLite tube through the SkyVent on the roof.  This completely removes any moisture from inside the house and attic space.


Performance will depend on several factors such as inlet capacity for supply of cooler, denser replacement air and buoyancy / stack effect. Generally for condensation control in an attic space, one or two vents placed towards the ridge of the roof is sufficient. The SkyVent works particularly well with stack effect and acts like a solar chimney. Extraction / exhaust without buoyancy has been measured at 3600 L/min @ 12km/hr (Sydney’s average wind speed). For a bathroom of 3.5m x 2.5m x 2.4m = 20m3., which = 20,000 Litres of air. The SkyVent can achieve 10 Air Changes/ Hour (ACH)

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SkyVent Industrial Brochure

SkyVent – VentaLite Brochure

SkyVent Hybrid + Brochure

Technical Papers

Indoor Moisture Control Study

Comparative Ventilator Performance

EcoBuild NZ 2016 Presentation

Installation Instructions

SkyVent Tiled Roof Installation Instructions:- ESA SkyVent – Tiled Roof instructions Non Cyclonic

SkyVent Metal Roof Installation Instructions:-ESA SkyVent – Metal  Roof instructions Non Cyclonic

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Tips for installing the VentaLite lightpipe and diffuser:- Tips and tricks about installing the VentaLite Lightpipe

Installing the SkyVent flashing tray away from the ridge cap on metal roofs:- Installing the SkyVent flashing base away from the ridge cap on metal deck roofs

Cyclonic fixing details:- Cyclonic fixing details for SeaBreezer


Dimensions of SkyVent:        SkyVent dimensions
Dimensions of VentaLite kit: VentaLite tube and diffuser dimensions